FMC Tips

For any questions related to your cycles please refer to the Fertility Friend Mobile App documentation and resources.

Entering Your Periods

To enter your period, simply double tap the calendar on the approriate date and enter your menstrual flow. You can edit data entry errors in a similar fashion.

Saving your data

FMC is designed to minimize your taps. In general, your data is saved as you enter it. FMC does not need you to tap a "Save" button.

Backup your data

Check your device documentation to enable iCloud backup or backup your App and data on your computer via iTunes. This is especially recommended before any update or upgrade.

Fertility Friend Sync:

If you are also a user you can take advantage of the Sync feature of FMC (App Settings) to upload/download your data from

You can reset your Fertility Friend credentials on the Fertility Friend web site.

Latest Version

Please make sure that you are running the most recent version available on the App Store.

Upload Your Data

Please use the Sync/Backup feature of the App to upload your data to the website prior to signaling any issue to us. This will allow us to replicate the issue and fix it more quickly.

Privacy Passcode Reset

Make sure to setup a recovery email address. If you did not do so you will need to remove the App and then re-install it. This would delete your data as well.

If you have setup an email recovery address in the FMC app you can use the link at the top of passcode entry screen in the FMC app. An email will be sent to the recorvery address with a temporary code.

Fertility Friend Credentials

You can reset your Fertility Friend password using the Fertility Friend Password Reset.

Known Issues

None at this time


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