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Charting Your Way to Conception

Introduction to Fertility Charting Course

Course Description

Welcome! This course is geared to those wishing to use their natural fertility signals to maximize conception chances. Charting your fertility signs and focusing your baby-making efforts on your most fertile days will increase your probability of conception and help you get pregnant faster.

Learning all about fertility charting may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially when you are as busy as most of us are! It may seem like there is so much to learn and you don't know where to start. To make it simpler, we created this course to teach you how to make the most of fertility charting for conception in just 20 easy lessons.

We start with the basics and get more advanced as the lessons progress. Each lesson contains clear objectives and a summary of essential points. Most lessons also include a short multiple choice quiz to assess your learning as you progress through the course. has been offering online fertility charting and fertility charting education since 1998 and has been used by millions of women trying to conceive. We want to share our experience with you.

Course Objectives:

This course will teach you the basic principles of the following:

  • How to understand your body's natural fertility signs and how to use them to achieve pregnancy.

  • How to confidently interpret and chart your fertility signs.

  • How to pinpoint your ovulation date by charting your fertility signs.

  • How to identify your most fertile days.

  • How to read fertility charts and recognize common fertility chart patterns.

  • How to maintain and take control of your reproductive health and communicate effectively with your health care providers.


Most lessons include a multiple choice quiz to help you assess your learning as you progress through the course. A final test is offered upon completion of the course to assess your overall  learning. Graduates will be offered a Certificate from the Education Center.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: The Fertile Window
Lesson 2: Charting Essentials
Lesson 3: Your Cycle Phases
Lesson 4: Your Hormones and Your Fertility Signals
Lesson 5: All about Cervical Fluid
Lesson 6: How to Observe, Chart, and Record Your Cervical Fluid
Lesson 7: All about Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
Lesson 8: How to Take and Record your basal body temperature (BBT)
Lesson 9: Cervix Position, Optional Fertility Sign
Lesson 10: Devices and Tests for Measuring Fertility Status: Fertility Monitors, OPKs, Saliva Microscopes
Lesson 11: Additional Possible Fertility Signs
Lesson 12: All about Ovulation
Lesson 13: Interpreting your Chart
Lesson 14: Chart Patterns: The "Ideal" Chart
Lesson 15: Chart Variations
Lesson 16: Chart Variations: Illustrations
Lesson 17: Pregnancy Patterns: Identifying Signs of Pregnancy on your Chart
Lesson 18: Advanced Conception Tools to Maximize Your Conception Chances
Lesson 19: Keeping Track, Staying in Charge and Managing your Cycles
Lesson 20: Supporting Each Other: Sharing the Trying to Conceive Journey

Charting Your Way To Conception: Register Now

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