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Temperature Ribbon

The Temperature Ribbon is a tool to look at your BBT (Basal Body Temperature) as a continuous ribbon displaying all your data on a long curve.

The Temperature Ribbon is a convenient way to look at your temperature globally, rather than cycle per cycle. You can see larger trends and spot patterns and anomalies very quickly.

Zoom: You can use the slider as well as the date data entry field to zoom in or out of your data.

Data Viewer: Click on the temperature curve to see the data below your cursor. This is particularly useful to check notes or any other data on a data point that you'd like to investigate further.

Ovulation & Period Markers: You can optionally add ovulation and period start markers (vertical lines) on the graph to show you ovulations and cycle boundaries.

Sharing: You can post your Temperature Ribbon graph to your charting home page.

How To Access It: You can find the Temperature Ribbon in the Analysis tab within the Comparison section.


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