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Signs Analyzer

Signs Analyzer's Signs Analyzer allows you to find patterns in your fertility signs. It also allows you to spot usual or unusual occurrences of signs that may be related to your menstrual cycle.

The purpose of the Signs Analyzer is to help you identify patterns in your fertility signs beyond your temperature chart. For example, you may wonder if you get headaches before or after ovulation or if your ovulation pain is an accurate indicator of ovulation. The graph will help you to find the answers to these kinds of questions in the context of your personal cycle history.

Another important usage is to compare a given chart to your usual pattern. The Signs Analyzer allows you to plot the signs of a specific chart on top of your usual pattern graph. This allows you to quickly spot common occurrences and unusual occurrences of a given sign. The Signs Analyzer is integrated with the home page system and allows you to check your usual pattern against any chart displayed on a home page (for example, your chart, a chart from a friend, or any home page you are able to view). This is particularly useful to compare sign patterns and identify similarities.

Sample Graph:

Graph Description:
The horizontal axis represents the cycle days. You can pin your charts on ovulation day, the cycle start date or the end of the cycle. This allows you to see patterns more accurately. When pinning your charts on ovulation, positive numbers represent days past ovulation (DPO). Negative numbers represent days before ovulation. The vertical red line always represents the ovulation day.

The vertical axis lists the different signs (numbered and color-coded). Each line of the graph represents a mini histogram of occurrences for the particular sign. The higher the colored bar for a given day, the more frequently this sign occurs on that particular day. The highlighted cycle is displayed with an outline on the corresponding days and signs.

Data Analyzed:
The Signs Analyzer takes into account all data under the "Special", "Meds" and "Custom Data" section of the entry form.

Home page Display:
You can show your usual pattern graph on your home page to share with your friends, your support groups or health care provider.

You can access the Signs Analyzer from the Analysis menu or from the sign analyzer link below your chart. You will also find the "Compare Signs" link below each chart of any home page you visit.

This tool is the natural complement of the Chart Overlay which shows you patterns in your temperature curve.

See Also: Chart Overlay, CM Pattern Analyzer

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