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Sign, Meds and Supplements Clouds

The Signs/Meds Cloud is a tool to mine your data and compare it to community data.

These word clouds are visual representations of the frequency of the signs/meds/supplements within your data. This tool allows you to filter this information and compare it to the chart gallery data.

Data: You can select to view either your signs (specifics) or your meds/supplements. This tool looks at charts for which ovulation is detected.

Specific Day: You can drill down to view the signs/meds cloud for a specific day. Days are numbered with respect to ovulation. O+1 means one day after ovulation. O-3 means 3 days before ovulation.

Compare: When available you can view the signs/meds cloud for the corresponding day based on the charts in the community chart gallery. The community signs cloud is available for days between 1 DPO and 18 DPO. The community meds cloud is available between 14 days before ovulation and 18 days after.

Font Size and Intensity: For each cloud the sign/med/supplement is represented in a font size and weight related to its frequency as selected by the tool parameters.

Comparing Clouds: When displaying the chart gallery cloud the signs/meds or supplement commons to your cloud are show in a highlighted color.

Access: The Signs/Meds cloud is accessed on the mobile app via the Analysis tab. On the desktop site look for it in the Analysis menu.


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