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Sign, Meds and Supplements Clouds

The Sign Cloud and Meds/Supplements Cloud are tools to mine the information provided by the thousands of charts in the Chart Gallery and compare it to yours.

These clouds are visual representations of the frequency of the signs/meds/supplements within the chart gallery submissions. The tools allow you to filter this information and compare it to your own data.

Charts Categories: You can select different categories of charts from the gallery and generate the corresponding clouds.

Specific Day: Each cloud is specific to a particular day in the cycle. The sign clouds are available for days past ovulation while the meds/supplement clouds are available for days before ovulation and days past ovulation.

Cloud: The most frequent signs/meds and supplements are displayed on each cloud. The signs/meds and supplements are listed alphabetically.

Font Size and Intensity: For each cloud the sign/med/supplement is represented in a font size and weight related to its frequency in the gallery charts as selected by the tool parameters.

Your Own Signs: You can select either your current chart or past charts to display your signs on the clouds. Your own signs are displayed with highlights on the clouds.

Comparing Clouds: You can select categories of charts to compare clouds in terms of frequency and listed items.

Screen Shots:
Sign Cloud:

[Sign Cloud]

Meds and Supplements Cloud:
[Meds Cloud]

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