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Quoting and fixed-width text

Quoting and fixed-width text

Quoting text in replies
There are two ways you can quote text, with a reference or without.

  • When you utilize the Quote function to reply to a post on the board you should notice that the post text is added to the message window enclosed in a [quote=""][/quote] block. This method allows you to quote with a reference to a person or whatever else you choose to put! For example to quote a piece of text Mr. Blobby wrote you would enter:

    [quote="Mr. Blobby"]The text Mr. Blobby wrote would go here [/quote]

    The resulting output will automatically add, Mr. Blobby wrote: before the actual text. Remember you must include the parenthesis "" around the name you are quoting, they are not optional.
  • The second method allows you to blindly quote something. To utilize this enclose the text in [quote][/quote] tags. When you view the message it will simply show, Quote: before the text itself.< /li>

Fixed width text
If you want to format anything that requires a fixed width, eg. Courier type font you should enclose the text in [code][/code] tags, eg.

[code]echo "This is some code";[/code]

All formatting used within [code][/code] tags is retained when you later view it.

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