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Pregnancy Monitor

The pregnancy monitor scrutinizes your data for early signs of pregnancy. Please note that the only reliable indication of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test.

The pregnancy monitor will also calculate the most reliable test date given your chart and cycle history.

The pregnancy monitor displays the following parameters:

  • Test Date: the most reliable test date taking your current chart and your cycle history into account.
  • Intercourse Timing Analyzer: Intercourse Timing Analyzer FAQ.
  • Top Signs: Frequency of your signs on pregnancy charts. Top Signs FAQ
  • Pregnancy Test Probability: Evaluate the probability of a positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy Test Probablity FAQ
  • Spotting Factor: Check the frequency of spotting on pregnancy charts and non pregnant charts. Spotting Factor FAQ
  • Early Pregnancy Signs Analyzer:  Early Pregnancy Signs FAQ.
  • Temperatures above Coverline: The number of temperatures above your coverline (too many drops are not usually a good sign).
  • Temperatures below Coverline: The number of temperatures below your coverline.
  • Implantation Signs: Here, the pregnancy monitor locates patterns that are most likely to occur on pregnancy charts (triphasic pattern, etc...).
  • Due Date: this line displays your potential due date if this cycle leads to conception. The calculation uses your ovulation day as its basis.

Mobile Apps Access

Tap More/Chart & Data Analysis to access the Pregnancy Monitor

Desktop Screen Shot:

The pregnancy monitor is displayed when appropriate below your chart or calendar.

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