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Password Email Not Received

I requested my password to be sent to me but it never came.

If you have requested your password and it did not arrive after a couple of hours, the email we sent most likely got deleted by a zealous SPAM/Junk mail filter. Verify your SPAM/Junk mail settings (disable it temporarily if necessary) and then get your password sent again using the following form:

Reset Password

If it still does not work, you can still change your email address using the secret word that we asked you to enter when you first signed up. In this case please use the following form:

Changing Your Email Address

IMPORTANT: If you enter an email address that is not registered with us you will not get any email either. Due to the sensitive nature of the information store on this site, we cannot send any information to an email address not registered with the account. Privacy is the corner stone of Fertility Friend's service. Make sure to keep your email address current.

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