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Mobile Ovulation Calendar/Chart Mobile Access allows you to access your chart and enter your data right from your phone. You can now enter your data and check your chart from your bedside or anywhere discretely and easily.

Easy Access From Multiple Mobile Devices

Mobile Access Available:

Mobile Web Access

Available on most modern smartphones (including iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones), the mobile access has the following main features:

  • Data entry. The data entry form can be customized to add all the data entry fields you need.
  • Color Coded Calendar indicating your fertile phases as well as forecasted periods and ovulation days.
  • Chart Graph. View your chart on your phone.
  • Pregnancy Monitor to monitor your pregnancy signs and test dates.
  • Cycle Planner. View your cycle predictions for the months ahead.
  • Charting Course. Read the free charting course and get up to speed on fertility charting at your pace.
  • Detailed Interpretation of your fertility sign per sign.

Your data is automatically in sync with the web site. You can then use the advanced feature on the site once you get to your laptop/desktop.

To get to the mobile site enter the following URL in your mobile web browser:

Screen Shot:

See Also: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android Apps.

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