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Line Reader


Wondering about your test result? You are not alone!

The Line Reader tool (part of the Lightbox Feature) reads the intensity of your test lines and allow you to compare them between each other and with the control line. It also detects faint lines.

Comparing Lines:

You can adjust the position of the test areas by dragging them around.

The displayed measures are estimates of the regions luminosity; it is higher for brighter areas. The T/C value is the ratio of the test line measure by the control line value.

For example for an Ovulation Test, you expect the two numbers to be close or the test line to be lower (darker). Please check our FAQ for details on OPK usage.

Photo Tips:

Faint Line (Pregnancy Test):

The tool includes vertical and horizontal line detectors. Depending on how you took your test photo, use the appropriate filter.

The vertical line detector enhances vertical lines, allowing you to see them easily. The horizontal detector does a similar job for horizontal lines.

These detectors will make it easier to see faint lines. Just make sure to orient your test either vertically or horizontally to fit the detectors.

The major advantage of this tool is to give you a quantitative confirmation of what you see. We all have doubts when it comes to evaluating test lines!


The Line Reader is a component of the Lightbox feature. Within the App tap More menu bars and then select Lightbox to get to it.

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