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How do I use the Ignore button?

The Ignore button allows any member to keep a list of posters whose posts and private messages they wish to ignore. Adding a poster to your ignore list does not trigger any message to the poster or to the administrators or presume anything about the poster. It is just a way for you to filter the large content provided on the forums and avoid hurtful situations. Your ignore list is personal and is not viewed by anyone else.

How does it work?
When you click on the Ignore button below a post, the poster is immediately added to your ignore list. All the poster's messages will be replaced by a message indicating that you have placed the poster on your ignore list. The replacement message also indicates how to undo it and how to completely hide the poster's messages if needed.

In addition to posts, all the poster Private Messages sent to you will be hidden as well.

Does the person I chose to ignore know it?

No. This is a personal list which is used only when rendering the forums pages. It does not involve anyone else.

Ignore List
You can view your ignore list at any time on your boards profile page. To access your ignore list, click on the Profile/Boards Profile menu at the top of all forums pages. Scroll down to find the list of posters that you have chosen to ignore. To remove a poster from your list, just click on her nickname.

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