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How to use the Weight Tracker

How do I use the Weight Tracker?

Mobile Web Tracker

You can enter your weight on the mobile Apps as part of the data entry screen.

You can view your Mobile Weight Chart directly on your mobile device as well.

Desktop Weight Tracker

The Weight Tracker is accessed from the Data/Other Data/Weight Data menu.

The Weight Tracker allows you to keep a journal of your weight data as well as notes for your nutrition and fitness journal.

You can select the weight units (Kilograms or Pounds) as well your target weight using the configuration screen:

Screen Shot

To enter data, click on the Add Entry link:

Screen Shot

Each data entry consists of a date, an optional weight and formated notes for your nutrition and fitness journal:

Screen Shot

Your entries are displayed on the Weight Tracker main page and can be edited or deleted using the appropriate links:

Screen Shot

Above your entries, you'll find a graph of your current weight curve:

Screen Shot

Your target weight is indicated by a green horizontal line.

You can print your journal with or without the weight graph in PDF format, ready to print:

Screen Shot

If you encounter any problem using the print feature, check that you have installed the free PDF reader pluggin for your web browser: Details Here

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