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Friends List

Friends List

Your Friends List is a feature of message boards which allows you to keep updated with a group of members who mutually agree to it.

Your friends list allows a higher level of sharing than the buddy groups or the members forums by letting you and your friends share more about your community activity: online/offline status, ticker, chart link, latest posts...

How do I display my Friends List?
Simply click on the "My Friends" tab at the top of every message board page. Friend Requests are private and are not made public. Please keep your friend requests private.

How do I add a member to my Friends List?
When you browse topics or view a profile, you will notice the "Add to Friend" link below the photo/avatar. By clicking on this link, you will be able to send a Friend Request to the corresponding member. Once the receiving member has accepted your request, both your list and her list of friends will be updated.

How do I know if someone has sent me a Friend request?
Click on the "My Friends" tab at the top of every message board page. If you have any pending Friend Requests, they will be listed at the top of the page. You can then choose to accept the request or deny the request. You should not accept Friend Requests from people with whom you do not want to share information. The request includes a link to the member's profile and links to their recent posts to help you make this decision. You will also received an automatic PM from our message board software when a friend request is sent to you.

How do I remove an entry in my Friends List?
Check the box at the right of the photo/avatar and then click the "Remove Selected" button at the bottom of the page. No notfication is sent. Your listing is also removed from the other member's Friends List. Appearing on one's Friends List must be a mutually agreed upon decision.

Which information is shared with members on my Friends List?
Members of your list will be able to see if you are online on the site, your last visit to the site, your latest posts, your photo/avatar and your ticker if you have one configured. In addition, links to send you a PM and to your home page are provided. You will see the same information from each of your friends.

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