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Friends List

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Your Friends List helps you stay connected with your friends and support groups.

Friends List

To access your Friends List tap the more menu icon bars and select Share Chart & Data/Friends List. This is particularly useful to keep track of your friends' charts. To add a friend, look for the "+ Friends" button at the top right of their charting home page or within the forums.

When you send a friend request to another member, she will receive a notification within the app and her Friends List will be updated to show the request as well.

When receiving a friend request you have the option to accept it or deny it. No notification is sent whether you accept the friend request or not. We encourage you to be selective. People on your Friends List share more with you than other members.

Friends' Updates

This feature provides members with a very quick way to update their friends and read their friends' updates on a single page. You can post short posts to all your friends. The post can include an attached photo to share a test result for example.

You can comment on these updates right on this page. This feature is complementary to the forums. It provides a way to update people who do not necessarily belong to the same support groups.

Full control

Updates can only be viewed by people on your friends list.

You can delete your updates and all comments attached to it. You can also delete your comments or comments made on your updates. This gives you total control on the content and tone. You can also easily "unfriend" a member if need be as well.

As an additional privacy measure posts, attached photos and comments are automatically deleted after 90 days.

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