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Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator

Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator

There are many articles published on the Internet about early pregnancy signs, but they are not usually very specific or based on actual data.'s Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator allows you to go beyond rumors and myths and explore real data. The Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator does this. It is an interactive way for you to directly explore your own signs and compare them to the community data. As a member of the leading fertility charting site you have unparalleled access to the very data of interest.

The Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator is a search tool which complements's Chart Gallery.
It allows you to search charts in the gallery based on symptoms and Days Past Ovulation (DPO) criteria. The results are presented as simple gauges displaying the relative probabilities between pregnancy, ovulatory and miscarriages categories:

In addition, the "View Charts" button lets you browse through a sample of matching charts to see more details.

How are the graphs calculated?
The probability of your criteria is evaluated for each chart category (Pregnancy, Ovulatory and Miscarriage) independently. The software sifts through the chart gallery and actually searches the matching charts. The graphs represent the difference in probability between the categories.


For example, the graph for Ovulatory versus Pregnancy shows the difference between the probability of the occurrence of your criteria in the pregnancy and ovulatory categories respectively.

If the needle is on 50% it means that there is no difference of probability of occurrence within the two categories. Your criteria occur with equal frequency in both categories.

If the needle is on 70% it means that the probability of finding your criteria is 20% more (70% minus 50%)� in the Pregnancy category than in the Ovulatory category.

If the needle is on 30% it means that the probability of finding your criteria is 20% less (50% minus 30%) in the Pregnancy category than in the Ovulatory category.

Important Notes:

  • The percent values represent a difference in probability of your criteria between categories. It does not represent the probability of pregnancy for any particular chart or member. Pregnancy depends on more factors than the symptoms selected. The value of this tool is to allow you to evaluate the importance of symptoms and their timing based on real life charts with respect to pregnancy.

  • The graphs strictly apply to the criteria selected, not to a specific chart. The display of your chart is provided for your convenience to help you select specific symptoms that you wish to investigate.

  • The results are statistical results. They represent probabilities. You can certainly find charts which will not verify the results. As for any statistical results you can find anecdotal reports of situations that seem to contradict the statistics. If your are not familiar with probabilities consider this simple example: if you know that your chances of winning the lottery are very small, it does not mean that you cannot find someone who did win. It is important to realize what probability means to understand and make full use of these graphs.

Why does it not search for all the symptoms on my charts?
Although the tool lets you display your own charts for reference, searching the gallery to match exactly all your symptoms would not return enough results to display any significant statistical information. If you are interested in gauging the early pregnancy symptoms using all the signs on your chart, please refer to the Early Pregnancy Signs Analyzer which uses mathematical modeling techniques to estimate a global probability.

How accurate is it?
The most important point to remember is that the most accurate proof of pregnancy is the actual pregnancy test. There is really no way around this. The purpose of this tool is to let you gauge your symptoms against what the community has recorded. Given the size and diversity of the sample available the results have their own significance. Your mileage may vary though. As for all statistical prediction, it is certainly something you can consider as an additional clue and not as a definite answer.

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