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Early Pregnancy Signs Analyzer

Early Pregnancy Signs Analyzer

What is it?
The Early Pregnancy Signs Analyzer shows you an estimate of the probability of your signs appearing on pregnancy charts.

Can it tell me if I am pregnant?
No, the only real pregnancy test is the one you purchase at the drugstore. There are many factors contributing to pregnancy. Signs recorded on your chart only give a glimpse of a small number of them. The interest of this gauge is to give clues to answer the question that everyone trying to conceive has in mind: did other women experience what I experienced and end up pregnant? It does not mean that if you do not experience what other women experienced you are definitely not pregnant or even that if you experienced all the same signs you will be pregnant. It is one piece of a large puzzle but nonetheless an interesting one.

What does a low score mean?
It means that either your symptoms pattern is not one that we have encountered so far or that simply you did not log enough data to tell.

What could drive the score to go down?
As you enter data your pattern changes. The change can either lead to a pattern more likely on pregnancy chart or not. That would trigger a score that goes up or down as you enter more details.

How is it calculated? has conducted an analysis of over 1,000,000 charts from our archives and built statistical models of the signs and symptoms recorded with respect to their occurrences on pregnancy charts. We have packaged these mathematical models in an easy to read tool to provide members with a simple analysis specific to their own data.

The Early Pregnancy Signs analyzer is displayed below your chart/calendar/wheel in the Pregnancy Monitor section. The result of the analyzer is displayed as a simple graphical gauge which measures the probability of your current signs matching those most seen on pregnancy charts.


The analyzer displays its results on a scale of 100 points. More points means the signs on your chart were observed more frequently on pregnancy charts in the chart gallery. Please note that the analyzer is not simply a tally of the signs.

How Accurate Is It?
The most important point to remember, of course, is that the most accurate proof of pregnancy is the actual pregnancy test. There is really no way around this. The purpose of this tool is to let you gauge your symptoms against what the community has recorded. Given the size and diversity of the sample available, the results have their own significance. Your mileage may vary though. As for all statistical predictions, it is certainly something you can consider as an additional clue and not as a definite answer.

The preliminary results show that charts with a display of 70 or more points are 5 times more likely to be pregnancy charts all other factors being equal. Given the statistical nature of this tool though that means that you will find cases of high value with no pregnancy and vice versa. This is an ongoing research that we update regularly.

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