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Default Time and Open Circles

How do I tell the system what my new wake-up time is?

You can set the time that will be pre-filled on your data entry form (see the How to set a default wake-up time article for details).

Your actual usual wake-up time is calculated from the time data you enter. You do not need to specify it to the system.

Changing your Wake-up Time
If you change your wake-up time part way through your cycle, your time data will show it and the charting software will recognize this when the majority of your temperatures are taken at that time. This may cause some temperatures on your chart to show as potentially inaccurate although they are taken at your new wake-up time. This is to be expected since the accuracy of your chart is determined by the true usual wake-up time (as shown by your time data). As you enter more data, your current wake-up time will become your usual wake-up time as long as you keep it the same.

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