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Data Import

Rapidly Importing or editing Data

The Mass Data Entry feature is designed to let you enter data into Fertility Friend rapidly. It is particularly useful when you start using Fertility Friend and you wish to enter some history. It is also convenient if you wish to enter or edit past data generated by a device/wearable.

This feature lets you enter your data in text format, one day per line.

You can easily use a spreadsheet program to generate the data in the right format, commonly known as a CSV file (Comma Separated Values). Simply paste the file content.

You can either enter the data directly in the text box provided (useful if you want to enter data quickly) or by uploading a CSV file store on your device/computer. You can generate a CSV file with a spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Docs, Numbers...) or write it yourself if needed with a text editor (save the document in plain text).

By default, the data is imported only for days with no pre-existing data. You can use the edit/overwrite option to edit or add data to days with pre-existing data.

Data Format

Each line of data represents a day of entry. The line is formatted as comma separated values.

The first line of data is the header line. This line defines the data field that you want to import. For example, if you just want to import past periods, your header line will look like:
The field names are not case sensitive.

If a field is missing for a given day, just leave it empty. The date field is mandatory on each line.

Available Data Fields

Currently supported: Date, Period, BBT, CM, Insem, OPK, Monitor, RHR and Weight.

You can select the fields that you wish to enter however the first field must be the date.

Date: The date is formatted as YYYY-MM-DD. For example 2020-02-01 is a valid date format.

Period: This a single character with the following code:

BBT: Enter the temperature value using a period as the decimal separator. For example 97.5. The temperature should be in the units of your account.

CM: The cervical fluid (CM) data field uses the following 1 or 2 characters code:

Insem: The insemination data field uses the following one character code:

OPK: OPK test results use the following one character code:

Monitor: Fertility Monitor readings use the following one character code:

RHR: Enter your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) value as an integer value. For example 65. The value is in beats per minute.

Weight: Enter the weight value using a period as the decimal separator. The default units are lb. If you enter your weight in kg then please use the header Weight kg instead of just Weight. You can also use Weight lb for clarity if you are recording your weight in lb.


Complete Lines:

The header line is case insensitive.

Line with CM data not recorded:

Date, period and bbt only, with period data missing:

Spreadsheet Templates

You can use these templates to get yourself started:

Excel Format Open Office Format


The Mass Data Entry feature is available within the App, tap the Data tab then scroll all the way down.

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