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Custom Data Type

Track and analyze what matters to you

You can track any data that matters to you using Fertility Friend's custom data system.

Beyond tracking, this data can then be used and displayed using Fertility Friend's advanced analysis tools such as the Data Grapher (see the Analysis tab) and other similar tools.

Available Data Types


Tap the "Gear" gear floating button at the bottom of the data entry screen to explore Fertility Friend's powerful data tracking system. To add new data items or hide existing ones tap the Customize option.

Sorting and Display On the Chart

You can re-order your custom data as suitable for you. This order will be used when you select the custom data as part as your favorites as well as when displayed on the chart.

Default Values

The data entry system also allows you to enter default values (values that are pre-filled when you enter the day's data for the first time). It is quite useful for data that are mostly the same every day - supplements for example.

This system is extremely flexible and allows you to tailor your tracking exactly as you see fit.


Custom Data can be created in different categories: Meds, Specific and Other. We recommend that you create your data in the appropriate categories so you can later take advantage of this classification in your favorite data section.

If you want to add custom data to your favorite data, you can also order them in a way that makes sense to you.

Deleting Custom Data

Deleting a custom data definition does not delete the data you have already entered. Most members use Fertility Friend for the long term (Fertility Friend has been available online since 1998). This capability allows you to track different data over the years while not cluttering your entry form with data that you do not track anymore.

Using Your Custom Data

Beyond the display below your chart, you can use your custom data using Fertility Friend's advanced data analysis tools such as Chart Duo, Signs Analyzer, Trigger Analyzer and Data Grapher.

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