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Creating or Customizing Your Charting Ticker

How Do I Create/Customize a Ticker?

Before customizing your ticker, you need to set up a Charting Home Page.

Mobile Instructions

Tap the More/Sharing/Create Ticker. You can also access the Mobile Ticker Designer directly.

Desktop Instructions

Select the "Graphical Tickers" option in the Sharing menu:

Screen Shot

Click on the Customize button:

Screen Shot

Select your ticker design type:

Screen Shot

You can choose between block design and ruler/slider designs. Feel free to experiment and find your own style.

Note: The interface is based on the classic "wizard" interface. Basically keep clicking the Next button until the last page. You can use the Back button to correct any choices and experiment.

You will find below screen shots for the configuration of a slider/ruler design. You can view multiple pages of designs using the page selector at the bottom left of the page:

Screen Shot

Similarly, select a slider for your ticker:

Screen Shot

VIP members can add a personal message to their ticker:

Screen Shot

On the final page, you will find code for usage of your ticker on the most popular message boards:

Screen Shot

Click the Done button to get back to your home page setup page.

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