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Creating Your Charting Home Page

How do I create my Charting Home Page?

Mobile Instructions

Please tap More/Sharing/Create Home Page within the App/Mobile Web Site. You can also access the Mobile Home Page Setup feature directly.

Desktop Instructions

Select the "Home Page Setup" option in the Sharing menu:

Screen Shot

You can then setup the basic parameters of your home page and customize its content and privacy features. Fill the form to your liking and then click on the "Create Home Page" button.

You will now see the external web address that you can give to your friends and healthcare providers:

Screen Shot

To get cut and paste codes to share your home page on message boards and web sites just click the "Get Codes" link.

You can also select the charts showing up on your charting home page. By default when you create your home page the most recent chart will be displayed. To add more charts, scroll down the page, you can select which chart appears on your home page and add specific comments.

The Home Page has many more features. We recommend that you try them out.

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