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Creating Links

Creating Links

Linking to another page

BBCode supports a number of ways of creating links:

  • You can use the [url=][/url] tags. For example to link to you could use:

    [url=]BBT Charting OnLine[/url]

    This would generate the following link, BBT Charting OnLine You will notice the link opens in a new window so the user can continue browsing the circles if they wish.
  • If you want the URL itself displayed as the link you can do this by simply using:

    This would generate the following link,

As with all the BBCode tags you can wrap these tags around any of the other formatting tags such as [img][/img] , [b][/b], etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that each tag is properly closed.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read carefully the Charter before posting any link on the forums.

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