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Community Vision's Community Vision's community is a vibrant place for day to day support on topics related to fertility charting, the trying to conceive journey, pregnancy and beyond. The community is centered around a message board system that is tightly integrated with's fertility charting and pregnancy tracking services.

Some unique characteristics set's community apart:

  • Ad-Free and Solicitation-Free: We wish to provide a safe haven for those already bombarded by commercial messages, solicitation and activism elsewhere. thus refuses revenue from advertisers, affiliate programs and sponsors (and other similar tactics). Refusing this revenue allows us to keep an independent position. In keeping with this vision, we also prohibit any form of advertising or solicitations in the community from our members- whether to promote a product, a site, a cause, etc. This is an essential aspect of's community and our vision for the site.

  • Privacy Enhanced: We understand privacy and we take it into account continuously.

    • Limited access:'s community is not publicly viewable or indexed by any search engine. Participation is restricted to paying members.

    • Limited History: In addition, we limit the length of time that forums' posts are kept to a couple of weeks. No one can come back after a few years to track what you posted.

    • Customizable Nickname: We also use a system of customizable nicknames for forum participation. Your login name and email address are never displayed. You can change your nickname as you please or see fit.

    We discourage the sharing of personally identifying information. We also prohibit solicitation of personal information such as email addresses, home addresses or other personally identifying information.

  • Day to Day Personal Support and Personal Experiences:'s community is a place to share personal experiences and benefit from the experiences of others. The community is a warm environment for support during the trying-to-conceive journey, pregnancy and parenthood. You are not alone.

  • Buddy Groups:'s buddy groups are closely knit groups of members (usually organized around a common concern or interest) who provide each other with day to day support, sharing the ups and downs of their journeys together. You can find friendship and support on

  • Larger Groups: In addition to buddy groups, members can also form or join larger groups of broader interest. is committed to this vision. We wish to provide an environment that is free of commercial activity, solicitations and activism. The focus of the community is personal support, friendship and experience sharing.

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