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Community Reports

Community Reports's forums host a large and diverse community. A report facility ("report" button at the top right of each post) is part of the tools to facilitate dispute resolution. It provides the community with a way to moderate itself.

There are two types of reports:

  • Reports related to community rules/policies violations. If you receive one of those, immediately fix the issue and/or ask for help to the community management to avoid further action.
  • Reports related to your post content and how other members feel about it. This is the most frequent type of reports and it needs some attention as it really allows the community to stay balanced.

All reports are private and need to stay so for the community to find solutions to the issues to which they point. Posting publicly about reports you receive will prevent resolution, create drama, and in some cases may be felt as a "bully" behavior by other community members.

You will find below answers to common questions which will help you make the most of this community management tool.

Why do we need reports in the first place? We are all adults we can resolve our issues directly?
Reports provide the community with a way to self moderate. They are designed as a discreet way to let a participant know that her contribution may be misunderstood or badly perceived. It is an occasion to fix the issue without direct confrontation. Given the topics discussed on the site, emotions can run high and this extra mediating layer is very much necessary.

I just got reported, why should I not post about it?
The member who decided to report you intended to give you the opportunity to fix the issue and find a better formulation for your thoughts. This member did not want to have a confrontation with you or publicly embarrass you about it. Please respect this even if you disagree with the reason for the report. Posting publicly about reports creates drama and may be felt as a bully tactic or an attempt to embarrass or shame the people who reported you.

What should I do when I get reported?
In most cases you need to review what you posted and figure out how to best express yourself. Remember that posting on a forum is the equivalent of public speaking. You are not addressing a small group of friends, you are in fact addressing a crowd. This is especially true in the main forums. It requires more attention to how others may feel about what you say and, as importantly, to the manner you express it.

The reported post linked in the report is not there anymore, how can I fix this then?
This can happen when our community management team has reviewed the report and has found the post in violation of the terms of service or our community policies. Occasionally a post will be removed if the community management team finds that removing the post may help the community move on and heal.

I do not understand why I am reported, I have seen others do worse!
Reports are personal feedback of the community on your own posts. They are not meant to rate all offenses or posts. What other members may feel entitled to do has no bearing on what is acceptable or not. If in doubt, please review our community policies. Our community management will be also pleased to help you.

Some people are "trigger happy". I get reported for no reason
Reports are a self moderation tool of the community. It gives you the opportunity to understand how other people may receive your posts. We have systems in place to avoid over reporting so if you get reported a lot you may need to review your posts and understand what the feedback meant.

Where do I find the policies and rules of this community?
Here are links to the main documents:

In addition feel free to contact our community management if you have specific questions.

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