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Community Credits

Community Credits hosts a large community which provides our members with a wealth of shared experiences.

Community Credits are intended to make members who contribute positively to the community stand out and be recognized for their contribution.

What are Community Credits?
Community credits are displayed, when attributed, beside the poster's name and avatar with each post. Community Credits are a composite measure of the following factors:

  • Good standing in the community with respect to our charter and community management guidelines.
  • Level of Participation
  • Feedback from other members

Members having a high level of Community Credits have shown, and keep improving, their positive involvement in the community. Community Credits are not points. Community Credits values are limited between 0 and 10.

Who can earn Community Credits?
All members can earn Community Credits depending on their participation in the community.

Who attributes Community Credits?
Community Credits are attributed by an automated system. The actual amount is determined, among other factors, by your community participation and other members' feedback.

How can I gain Community Credits?
You can earn Community Credits by being helpful to, and respectful of, the community. Answering questions and helping people around while respecting the spirit and letter of the community charter will increase your Community Credits.

Do I get one credit per feedback?
No, Community Credits are evaluated on a scale from 0 to 10. Each feadback contributes to the Community Credits but it is not the only factor.

What if someone does not like my answer?
Community Credits are not determined by a single feedback or a single person's feedback or by feedbacks only. The collaborative nature of Community Credits ensures a high level of fairness with respect to the community. Community Credits are not a simple poll system.

Is this not some sort of "Contest"?
Community Credits are intended as a recognition mechanism for the numerous members who give their time to help others on's forums in full respect of the community and its rules.

How often are Community Credits updated?
Community Credits are updated regularly but not in real time. Your participation on the forums is reviewed over time by an automated system and your Community Credits attributed.

I only participate in buddy groups, will I get Community Credits?
Yes, participation in buddy groups is taken into account however in the spirit of what community credits represent you will have more chances to gain Community Credits if you help people around outside the buddy groups as well.

Can I lose my Community Credits?
You can lose Community Credits depending on other members' feedback on your posts and on your ability to respect the community rules of play and the community management guidelines. In addition your Community Credits value can fluctuate slightly depending on the activity of the overall community. Your Community Credits level is essentially a relative value. You can expect that it will fluctuate around a stable value over time.

Who can give feedback on my posts?
Feedback can only be given by the original poster for a reply you made to her post. You cannot give feedback on your own post. Feedback does not apply to buddy groups. It is only available in selected main forums (Forums dedicated to support in general).

I do not see any Community Credits beside my posts. What does it mean?
It means that you have not earned any Community Credits yet. Keep participating positively in the community to earn your credits. Members' feedback and respectful participation are the key factors to gain Community Credits. Remember that it takes time and participation to gain Community Credits.

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