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Chat Room Ignore Button

How do I use the Chat Room Ignore button?

Our Chat software is equipped with an Ignore feature designed to give you the means to avoid unpleasant experiences. In our experience, chat room issues are quickly solved using this feature.

How does it work?
Select a name in the participant list and click the ignore button to activate this feature. Once ignored you will not see any messages from this particular participant. You will also not receive any private messages from this person for the whole duration of the chat session.

Does the person I chose to ignore know it?

No. This is a personal feature. It does not involve anyone else.

How long will the participant be ignored for?
The effect of the ignore button lasts for the whole chat session regardless of the room where you chat (you can change room and keep the ignore feature on). As soon as you leave the chat page your ignore list will be reset. The effect of the ignore feature is temporary.

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