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Chart Overlay

Can I display several charts on the same graph?'s Chart Overlay feature provides a powerful way to visualize your temperature patterns and compare them from cycle to cycle.

Mobile Access

You can tap More/Chart Analysis/Overlay or access the Mobile Chart Overlay Directly

Desktop Access

To generate a chart overlay you can , click on the menu Analysis/Charts Overlay.


You will then be able to select which cycles to overlay and how to pin them together to allow you to view pattern similarities or differences:

Screen Shot

Pin your charts to show similarities or differences:

You can pin your charts according to:

  • Ovulation: The selected charts will be shifted horizontally so that ovulation days match exactly. Charts which do not show an ovulation date will not be displayed.

  • Ovulation and Coverline: The selected charts will be shifted horizontally and vertically to pin ovulation days and coverlines. Charts not showing an ovulation date will not be displayed. Charts not providing a coverline (if done using a manual override) will not be shifted vertically.

  • Start of Cycle: The selected charts are not shifted and are just displayed starting at Cycle Day 1.

  • End of cycle: The selected charts are shifted horizontally to make their last data match exactly.

  • Specific Cycle Days: This option displays an additional column in the cycle list. It allows you to pin some cycles on specific cycle days while the other selected cycles will continue to use the general pin mode specified above.

Average Curve:

The chart overlay feature is able to display an average of the selected charts. You can opt to display the average curve in addition to the selected curves or you can display the average and only the most recent chart. In the latter case, the average is calculated on all but the most recent curve. This allows you to see the differences and similarities between the most recent selected curve and the average of the older curves.

Sign Display

You can pick one sign to display a frequency histogram along with your overlay. A bar is displayed to represent the number of times that this sign is present on the corresponding days among the selected charts.

additionally you can see at the bottom of the graph a stacked representation of the sign occurences for each chart (one chart per line) color coded with the chart BBT graph color.

Display your chart overlay on your home page:

The "Show On Home Page"/"Update Home Page" button configures your current overlay to be shown on your charting home page. You can then use your charting home page to show your overlay to your friends or your health care provider. The overlay is automatically updated as your data changes.

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