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Chart Duo


Chart Duo: Follow the trend of a past chart or correlate up to two signs/data with the your current chart.

Access and Usage

Check for the Chart Duo button just below the chart graph.

Please note that the secondary data (RHR, past chart...) is displayed only if at least two data points are available.

The "Use the BBT scale" option is convenient when plotting a secondary temperature (for example a wearable reading or vaginal BBT reading...). It allows you to use your primary BBT scale for the secondary curve.

Adding Custom Data

Within the app, tap the gear icon gear at the bottom right of the data entry screen. Select Customize to add custom data (such as RHR) to your data entry.

You can either select through an extensive list of popular choices or if you have more specific needs you can create your own.

For usage with the Chart Duo feature only numeric custom data can be considered as other types would not make sense for this tool.

Reading the Chart

Once Chart Duo is enabled on your chart, the right hand side vertical axis scale is now related to the first secondary data you are representing.

For example if you are plotting the RHR, the left hand side axis displays your temperature (BBT in Celsius or Fahrenheit) data while the right hand side axis displays your RHR (Beat per minutes).

This dual Y-Axis representation allows you to follow the two data elements simultaneously even though they may not be in the same range or the same units.

In addition you can represent an additional piece of data for pure comparison of pattern (just a curve, no scale). This is best for data where you are more concerned by the general trend than the actual value.

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