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Before You Post

Posting and Usage Guidelines's community vision is to promote a warm and supportive environment for the trying-to-conceive, pregnancy, and parenting journey.

All submitted content and usage are required to abide by the Community Charter (type the profile link in the forums to revew it) , community vision and license


We have put together below a few more explicit guidelines to help you understand the acceptable uses.

Before posting you should consider the following main points:

A few more specific points:

Links and product mentions:

In general, we do not allow links to sites that directly or indirectly sell products or services (through affiliate links or advertising for example). We also do not allow links to sites which collect private information (such as registration information, emails...). Direct or indirect promotion of sites, products, ideas, or causes (non-profit or for profit) are prohibited. All forms of solicitation are also prohibited.

We do tolerate informational links to sites as long as it does not create issues for the management of the community. Sites which are repeatedly the cause of issues are banned specifically. Please do not ignore any warning you may receive while trying to post a link or URL.

These guidelines are in place to maintain a safe, supportive, solicitation-free community where all members can find support. We wish all members the very best on their journey.

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