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Auto Login Feature

Auto Login Feature

If your are the sole user of your computer and if no one else that you do not trust has access to it, you may use the auto login ("Remember Me") feature to avoid typing in your password each time you login to

To activate this function you just have to click the Remember Me check box next time you login. Please note that this feature relies on a cookie so you must enable them on your web browser. Once activated, The My Chart link on the front page ( will lead you directly to your chart. You will not have to enter your user name or password, you will be directly sent to your charting page.

WARNING Privacy Issue:: If you have any concern about the privacy of your data we recommend strongly that you do not use the auto login feature as it lets everyone who has access to your computer view your fertility data. In particular we recommend to not use it on any public computer, work computer or any computer that may not be really reserved to your sole usage.

We provided this for the convenience of those who do not share a computer and who use mostly from home.

To deactivate the auto login feature, login to and then click the "Logout" link at the very top of the page. This should deactivate the auto login feature and you should be prompted for your user name and password at your next login.


  • Make sure that your computer clock (Date, time and timezone) is accurate to use this feature.

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