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Why is there no advertising?


Why do you charge for your service?

Quite simply, we charge for our service to cover the cost of producing and maintaining our world class charting system. When operating a serious service that will support users for decades (we have been operating since 1998) there are a few options to seriously fund it: You can charge members for what they use as we do; you can have advertising/sponsorship/partnership; or you can, as some "totally free" companies start doing, sell your user data. We decided early on that charging members for the service they use was the most ethical way to run a health service such as ours where privacy and integrity matter.

More than two decades track record

We do not sell or trade your data in any way. We use the data collected on this service to improve its accuracy and efficiency. We do not sell fertility products or related goods directly or via affiliates. We solely rely on our members' funding to develop the best in class fertility charting service available. We have been doing so for more than a decade.

Privacy & Health Data

Protecting the privacy of our members is a vital part of our ethics. Trying to conceive is a very private matter, for both professional or personal reasons. We could not permit the presence of third party advertisers or affiliates who could follow and compromise the privacy of our members. Similarly, our operation procedures and our community have all been enhanced to respect the privacy and security of our members. We also do not sell or trade the data collected by our members. This is a key part of our vision and ethics.

Independence & Impartiality

We do not ever want our own integrity to be compromised by accepting revenue from advertisers promoting particular products and services targeted to women who are trying to conceive or pregnant. We solely focus on providing the best independent charting service and education. Similarly, we do not consider the data collected by our members as a potential source of revenue or as a source of lead generation for clinics and other medical services.

Best Ethics & Clear Funding

Refusing this revenue allows us to offer an unbiased, ad-free environment. Fertility Friend is entirely supported by our VIP members. We focus on providing the very best service to our members via technology, careful scientific analysis and education.

Focus on Your Goal

On an advertising supported website/App/product YOU are the product and you are sold to advertisers/sponsors. Ultimately the real customers of these services are their advertisers/sponsors/partners. Similarly Apps/Sites/Products that engage in trading of your data ultimately consider you as the product and are focused on growing their user base at the detriment of the attention they give to you. product is its service. You are the customer and we are focused on your goal, getting pregnant.

Your support is used to develop better tools to help you in your journey. It is clear and easy to understand.

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