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Wearable Technology for Fertility


Fertility Friend is an extensive and accurate Fertility Charting system. We continuously monitor emerging technologies to find out what would be beneficial for members.

Wearables is a fluid space where many new devices are proposed with varying success. We do not recommend any specific device as they all have their pros and cons. Whether you wish to use one for convenience or because your work schedule or other lifestyle issues prevent you from tracking in a traditional way, Fertility friend will support you.

Fertility Friend is increasing its support for the data that these devices provide to incorporate it in its analysis. The goal is to offer you a better view of your cycles and a more accurate analysis and ultimately improve your chances.

Support for temperature devices

The temperature method setting (Charting Settings - more menu/settings on the app and menu Settings on the web app) provides an additional selection for devices measuring temperature compatible with a Basal Body Temperature. Please note that devices that are simply connected thermometers do not require any specific setting (you can use the Oral or Vaginal method for it).

If you select a wearable in the method settings, the chart will indicate at the top right corner that the temperature is measured using a Wearable Sensor and not a traditional BBT thermometer.

A temperature is not always BBT

Fertility Friend’s analysis expects a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) measured in the traditional way (See the charting course/tutorial lesson on BBT for guidelines). Some wearable devices display a temperature which is not necessarily equivalent and does not always have the same pattern. This "temperature" is in fact for some devices a calculated score including numerous factors and is not suitable for usage as a replacement for BBT. You need to be well aware of this when using/selecting your device as a substitute for BBT. Please check our article How To Select A Fertility Wearable for more details on what to consider when choosing a wearable sensor for BBT replacement.

If you have any doubt please contact the device manufacturer to know if the temperature displayed can be used as a BBT reading.

If your device does not provide a BBT reading, we recommend to use a standard BBT thermometer whenever possible. Using a temperature data that is not representing a BBT reading would cause Fertility Friend's interpretations and analysis to become totally inaccurate.

Resting Heart Rate and Other Data Support

Many members track their Resting Heart rate (RHR) along with their other data. The resting Heart Rate may show a change at ovulation for some people. The change may be more or less visible depending on external factors and the accuracy of the device used for measurement.

You can add RHR and other data that your wearable records if you feel that they are relevant to your cycle data using the Custom Data feature of Fertility Friend. In the popular specifics presets we provide options for RHR and other data. You can also create your own as needed.

Custom Data

Fertility Friend offers extensive support for Custom Data. On the mobile App, tap the “Customize” tab on the data entry screen. On the Web App, click the add/remove data link on the data entry dialog.

You can easily create data entry fields for what you track and use it with Fertility Friend’s analysis and display tools to find out your patterns and look for unusual data.

Chart Duo

The Chart Duo feature allows you to display another numerical data on your chart in addition to your temperature. You can easily use it to display the Resting Heart Rate data or any other data that you measure daily along with your cycle data. The Chart Duo feature can be accessed by a button just beside your chart on both the mobile App and the Web App.

Wearables for fertility is an evolving field and Fertility Friend is monitoring it closely while making sure we keep our vision of independence and privacy.

Stay Tuned!

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