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Temping Vaginally


I have heard that temping vaginally is more accurate than temping orally. Should I try it?

Most people are able to see their ovulation pattern clearly enough while temping orally. When temperatures are very rocky and ovulation cannot be detected, it is usually due to external factors (especially not taking the temperature at the same time or other lifestyle challenges). If you are certain that you are taking your temperature as accurately as possible and you are still getting a great deal of fluctuation, you may find it helpful to take your temperature vaginally. If you plan to take your temperature vaginally, wait for a new cycle to start. Do not change from oral to vaginal readings within the same cycle as this will disrupt your interpretation since vaginal temps are typically higher than oral temperatures. To take your temperature vaginally, just insert the tip of the thermometer into your vagina in the morning and record your temperature as usual.

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