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Secondary Fertility Signs


What are my secondary fertility signs?

While most women notice changes in cervical fluid, BBT and cervix position, some women notice other changes that may offer another indication of increasing fertility. You may or may not notice some of these signs. Not noticing these signs does not in any way indicate a lack of fertility. You may also have signs of your own that you notice throughout your cycle and from cycle to cycle that are not mentioned here. If this is the case you may find it useful to record these observations in your notes section. Alternately, you can check them on the checklist in the special notes section or set up your "custom signs" (see data entry page) to include them on your chart.

Some other possible fertility signs are:

  • Ovulation Pain: Also known as mittelschmertz , which means "middle pain" it refers to a slight pain that you may feel near your abdomen or ovary at the time of ovulation. It does not necessarily occur at the exact time of ovulation and not everyone feels ovulation. As such, ovulation pain is useful to cross-check other signs, but cannot be used to definitively confirm or pinpoint ovulation. Also, it is very difficult to know if the pain you feel in your abdomen mid-cycle is related in any way to ovulation or your fertility. Other pains are often mistaken for ovulation pain. It is still useful to record, even if you are unsure if it is related to your fertility. As you become more in tune with your fertility signs, it will become easier to recognize ovulation pain if you experience it. Women who have never noticed ovulation pain often begin to notice it when they begin to chart their fertility signs.

  • Increased Sex Drive: You may notice that your sex drive is cyclical (You may also notice that it is not and that may be normal for you). Your sex drive may be highest at around the time before and at ovulation. Another pattern might also be normal for you. If you notice that there is a pattern to your sex drive, it can be helpful to record your observations to make predictions about your fertility.

  • Ovulation spotting: Some women see slight spotting at the time of ovulation. This is quite rare, but you may see that your cervical fluid is streaked with blood or has a pink tinge. If you do notice this and it is accompanied by fertile cervical fluid (eggwhite or watery) enter the cervical fluid as eggwhite or watery but make a note about the spotting in your notes section. If it is heavy or lasts longer than a day, you should ask your doctor about it.

  • Tender Breasts: While your experience may be different, you may notice a pattern to the sensitivity of your breasts. They may feel more sensitive at around the time of ovulation and they may continue to feel sensitive throughout your luteal phase. Again, if you notice that there is an observable pattern to the sensitivity of your breasts, it is useful to record it in the checklist on the data entry page so that you can make future predictions or notice changes from cycle to cycle. While some women say that tender breasts are an early pregnancy symptom, there is no way to know if you are pregnant by the sensitivity of your breasts. Breast sensitivity may be linked to increased progesterone. Progesterone is increased both during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle when you are not pregnant and during pregnancy. The sensitivity of your breasts may be useful for you to cross-check other signs if you have a consistent pattern but it is not a useful fertility sign on its own.

  • Your own observations : You may notice some specific changes yourself that can offer clues about your fertility pattern. Everyone is different, but there are clues that you may find on your own. Changes in your complexion, your energy level, your moods, or anything else that you notice shows a cyclical pattern can offer insight into your fertility pattern. Use the notes section, the custom signs option, or the checklist on the data entry page to record these observations. You may be surprised to learn that something seemingly unrelated may be related to your fertility.

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