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Restricted Mode

Fertility Friend Restricted Mode allows you to restrict the contact information stored on Fertility Friend’s servers. The idea behind restricted mode is to add another layer of privacy to our already strict privacy practices (see the privacy policy). Although this is not intended for everyone due to its lack of convenience, it is meant for those who may need the extra privacy due to their circumstances.

How it works

Practically, it creates a new account with a random login identifier. The new account does not include any contact email address. It also keeps only your birth year instead of your full birth date to further reduce personal data stored on the database while keeping the same capabilities.

Your fertility data (menstrual cycle data) is copied to this new account. No other data or item that could be linked to your old account will be copied.

Your VIP days (if any) are transferred to your new account but your order history is not to further reduce tracking opportunities. New purchases on a Restricted Mode account are only attached to the account temporarily (30 to 40 days).

Your old account is deleted permanently after a few days.

Important Limitations

Without contact information, a restricted account cannot reset its password using an email address or verify the account ownership using emails.

Without contact information, we cannot provide specific support to your account.

All communication with you will be either generic via the web site or specific via in-app messages provided that you are able to login (that means that you know both the login id and the password).

Should you lose your login id or your password, your data will be lost with no workaround.

Activation and Usage

To activate this mode, tap the “more” menu (top right of the main screen) then Settings/Online account and tap the “Restricted Mode" entry below your email address.

Please make sure to read carefully the recommendations displayed on screen and have a piece of paper to take note of your randomly generated account login id.

We recommend deleting the app and reinstalling a fresh copy before logging into your new restricted mode account.

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