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Progesterone Test Sticks (PdG)

Progesterone Test Sticks are available for home use. These tests measure the level of urinary pregnanediol (Abbreviated as PdG). This metabolite is related to the level of progesterone in your blood stream.

Progesterone and Your Cycle

Progesterone is secreted by the corpus luteum on your ovary after ovulation up until your period.

Progesterone, apart from being responsible for many of the luteal phase (cycle phase after ovulation) symptoms, also causes your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to rise after ovulation.

Knowing that your progesterone level has increased significantly is important as it actually confirms your ovulation.

Charting your BBT monitors your progesterone as your cycle unfolds.

Progesterone Test Sticks and Charting

Progesterone Test Sticks display either a positive or negative result. If positive, it means that your progesterone levels have risen sufficiently to confirm ovulation.

The test usually turns positive 1 to 4 days after ovulation.

For charting purposes, this can give you yet another clue that ovulation has occurred.

Enter the test result (whether negtive or positive) under the "Progesterone Test" field.

Reading a Progesterone Test Stick and line intensity

The tests are only calibrated for positive or negative results.

The test is positive if the test line is as dark or darker than the control line when read within the time limits that the instructions recommend.

If you have difficulty gauging the line intensity, we recommend that you use the Line Reader tool included with the Lightbox feature available in the App (More menu/Lightbox) and the web site (menu Data).

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