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Ovulation Calendar


Ovulation Calendar

An ovulation calendar predicts your fertile days, periods and ovulation days based on your basic cycle information, usually simply your average cycle length.

Usage of simple ovulation calendars

An ovulation calendar that relies on basic cycle parameters can be used to roughly predict your period start date and possible fertile phases. These calendars simply count the days of your cycles and use average cycle statistics. Some calendars let you specify your luteal phase length if you know it (number of days from ovulation to your period) which may improve the accuracy of the predictions.

To accurately know your luteal phase length, ovulation date and fertile time, you need to chart your fertility signals. This is the strength of Fertility Friend. Simple ovulation calendars are useful to plan ahead if the risk of being inaccurate is not really an issue or if you are not willing to track your signs most days.

These simple ovulation calendars have the advantage of being extremely easy to use and do not require much personal involvement. For those looking for a simple ovulation calendar, provides an iPhone App.

Limitations of simple ovulation calendars

Ideally these simple calendars only work well for women with very regular cycles (same cycle length each month). As soon as your menstrual cycle shows some variation, the accuracy of these calendars decreases rapidly. Even if your cycles are perfectly regular you may not ovulate each cycle, even if you get your period as expected. The only way to really know more about it is to observe your fertility signals.

Smart Ovulation Calendar's Ovulation Calendar is able to use your own fertility signals to predict your next ovulation/period and also analyze your actual cycle data to find out what your body is actually doing.'s Smart Ovulation Calendar lets you record your fertility signals and analyze them to produce an accurate analysis of your cycles. This improves the usefulness of the calendar which can then be used to time intercourse perfectly and increase your conception chances dramatically. With this type of tool you can predict/plan your cycle phases with more accuracy than any of the simple ovulation calendars can provide even if your cycles are perfectly regular.


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