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Non-correlated signs


My signs are not correlated at all. I have a temperature rise, but it does not follow a patch of fertile cervical fluid. How do I know when and if I ovulated?

Your temperature rise, if it is clear and sustained, is usually a pretty good indication that you ovulated and it is the only sign that will definitively tell you that you did ovulate. Sometimes the fertility signs just do not all line up the way we expect them to. Your cycle, your body and your hormonal profile are unique to you. Your body doesn't have a book of rules to follow.

Until you get your period or test positive on a pregnancy test, it is hard to know exactly when or if you ovulated when your signs do not match. To make sure you don't miss a chance to conceive, keep on considering you could be fertile if you see signs of high fertility and no clear and sustained temperature shift. If you have several charts where your signs are not correlated and you are not getting pregnant (and you are charting accurately!) then it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor. (Bring your charts along).

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