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Implantation signs


Can you tell by looking at my chart if I could be pregnant? Are there signs of implantation or pregnancy achievement on my chart?

Unfortunately, there is just no way to be sure, from looking at your chart before you can take a pregnancy test, whether or not you could be pregnant. Though the signs are not certain, Fertility Friend's "Pregnancy Monitor" will scrutinize your chart and identify if you have signs of possible implantation, or possible pregnancy on your chart.

Signs of implantation or possible pregnancy, however, (brief spotting, a second temperature shift or a temperature dip at about seven to ten days after ovulation) can happen with or without conception and implantation. In fact, all these chart patterns frequently occur on charts that do not result in pregnancy. These signs are thus quite unreliable for early pregnancy detection, though they can offer some clues.

Implantation signs and very early pregnancy signs are considered 'hindsight' signs. They are something that you can speculate about once you know you are pregnant but you can never be sure that they are related to implantation or pregnancy achievement.

The best signs to see on a chart when you are hoping for pregnancy are: a clear thermal shift, well-timed intercourse in the days before ovulation, and temperatures that remain high past your usual luteal phase length.

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