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Identifying fertility problems


How do I know if I have a fertility problem?

Your doctor can help you determine whether or not you have a fertility problem. You should seek your doctor's help if you are concerned about any aspect of your health or fertility, if you suspect you could have a fertility problem or if your timeframe for conception does not allow you to wait.

While you should seek help whenever you are concerned, and not all issues can be seen on your chart, there are some things that you may see on your chart that should be discussed with your doctor:

  • charts that show no ovulation detected
  • no period
  • delayed ovulation and no pregnancy over several cycles
  • ambiguous charts with unclear ovulation patterns over several cycles
  • charts that show very high temperatures throughout the cycle
  • charts that show very low temperatures throughout the cycle
  • charts that clearly show luteal phase is consistently shorter than 10 days
  • post-ovulation high temperatures for more than 18 days with no period and no positive pregnancy test
  • unexplained mid-cycle bleeding or spotting
  • extended menstrual bleeding
  • temperature does not show clear shift over several cycles
  • charts show a clear ovulation pattern, well-timed intercourse and no pregnancy over several cycles
  • scant or no fertile cervical fluid over several cycles
  • no pregnancy after trying to conceive for several cycles
  • anything that is causing you concern

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