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How To Select A Fertility Wearable


Choosing a fertility wearable to use as BBT thermometer replacement

Most of the time, taking and recording your basal body temperature in the morning when you wake up is pretty simple. An inexpensive BBT thermometer that you can buy at your drugstore or online is usually your most reliable and easiest tool for measuring your BBT. There are times, however, when taking your temperature for fertility charting be a challenge. Common challenging situations are shift work, insomnia, interrupted sleep and other situations where waking at a regular time after a restful sleep is just not possible on a regular basis.

Recently, wearable devices for fertility have shown promise to solve these issues and provide a convenience even for those who do not face these challenges. There is a fairly varied offering on the market of fertility wearables with different features.

When a temperature is not suitable for BBT replacement

If you’re looking for a wearable to use as a basal body temperature replacement, you will naturally want a wearable that measures and displays your temperature. Keep in mind that not all temperatures are made equal and this is especially true for wearables.

If you’re using any kind of connected oral thermometer, ensure that it is accurate enough for BBT purposes and follow Fertility Friend’s guidelines for regular BBT tracking. Our charting course and other educational materials have more details on BBT tracking. You can ask the manufacturer, but a thermometer accurate to 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit F (0.02 degrees Celsius) or even in some cases, depending on your pattern, 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit (0.05 degrees Celsius) may be enough.

If your wearable is something other than a simple connected oral thermometer, then you need to pay more attention to what it actually measures. The easiest is to simply ask the manufacturer if the temperature displayed by the device or App is suitable for BBT replacement, be vigilant to the marketing speak though.

Some devices, for example, display what may seem to be a temperature but is actually a computed score - calculated by a device specific algorithm - that can only be reliably interpreted by their own app. This is a strong limitation and requires you to really explicitly trust the device. It can also be highly confusing as these temperatures may not be quite what they seem and they may limit your use of other fertility signs that help to complete the picture of your fertility. These devices should not be used with Fertility Friend and may render the analysis inaccurate. The computed score may only vaguely mimic BBT.

Other considerations

Privacy: Many devices involve the usage of an app and cloud services. Verify their privacy policies and make sure they are acceptable to you. Privacy is not just about sharing data or advertising, it is also about sharing your goal or usage of a particular App.

Sync: We are often asked why we do not sync with this or that device or service. From our point of view it is a very complex question mostly because of the privacy standards that we maintain. Fertility Friend does not partner, accept advertising, sponsorship or exchange "anonymized" data with anyone. This is a very strict privacy stance that we believe is warranted by the topics we deal with. Most organizations do not have such standards and we do not have the resources to monitor their practices. For this reason we prefer to avoid any link with any other organizations unless it is necessary to provide our service to you (like servers, network...).

Fertility charting is not all about temperature

Temperature on Fertility Friend represents just one portion of what you would want to track to get an accurate picture of your cycle even though it is most likely the most disruptive of your lifestyle. For data entry, it is basically 4 digits per day on Fertility Friend.

The potential benefit of a wearable for BBT is not in the data entry it saves you but in the lifestyle accommodation it may provide. If your wearable stores and measures the data without your attention you can then enter an accurate observation later on in the day when you have more time and when you are ready to enter your other data to complete the picture.

Wearables are an exciting and evolving field. Fertility Friend has been operating since 1998. Along the way we have seen numerous devices rise and fall and have always taken a keen interest in the developments. We'll continue monitoring as they evolve.

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