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Fertility Friend Interpretation Methods


How does Fertility Friend make its interpretations?

Fertility Friend uses a combination of fertility awareness (refined) and cutting-edge research based on our own experience with diverse charting situations to give you an enhanced chart interpretation method.

Accurate and Reliable:

The interpretation of your chart is based on its pattern and all the signs you enter. This enhanced method, incorporated into our advanced ovulation detector allows Fertility Friend members to benefit from the hundreds of thousands of ovulation patterns that we have observed and analyzed over the past several years. The advanced detector identifies an extensive range of chart patterns and is able to simultaneously account for multiple fertility signs and charting situations to give you the best interpretation based on all the data you enter.

Flexible Interpretation and Analysis:

By default Fertility Friend is configured to use the Advanced detector which is the most accurate and the most reliable for most situations. In addition to this setting, users with more experience in chart interpretation can tune their method or use alternate interpretation methods depending on their situation (see "Choosing your interpretation method" for help selecting the appropriate method).

Here's how it works and why you find four different detectors in the fine-tuning section on the analysis page of Fertility Friend:

  • The Advanced Detector is our recommended detector and the default for all charts. We recommend that you keep your chart on this setting. This detector takes all your fertility signs into account. It uses the computing power of our servers to actually scan for patterns of ovulation on your charts based on the many patterns that we have encountered through our years of experience. Once it has determined your most likely ovulation day based on all your fertility signs, it then determines a coverline (the horizontal line across your chart) with a reasonable value to show you your biphasic (ovulation) pattern. Our advanced detector simultaneously takes into account all signs and data you enter to determine the best interpretation.

  • The Research Detector is our cutting edge research detector. This detector includes all new patterns and improvements as we find them. With time and testing, we roll new findings into the advanced detector when appropriate. Since this detector is continuously under construction, it can be unstable. You should use it only if you wish to check for enhancements that are not yet rolled into the advanced detector.

  • The Fertility Awareness Detector is based on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) as it is widely published (ovulation is detected after 3 temperatures above the previous 6) with some enhancements. This detector is best suited to those with regular chart patterns who are already familiar with this method.

  • The OPK/Monitor Detector relies solely on your Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) or fertility monitor data to determine ovulation. An OPK gives information only about the presence of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Although in most cases a positive OPK will indicate imminent ovulation it is not always totally accurate. Similarly the fertility monitor gives you information about your estrogen levels and LH levels. Although more detailed than the OPK it still lacks the confirmation that ovulation actually occured. This detector is designed for women who are not recording their temperature but still would like to have a good estimate of their ovulation day.

The whole purpose of chart interpretation is to understand, from external fertility signs, what your body is doing and to reflect that on a chart. This is not always an easy task and is one that sometimes requires some flexibility. In some cases, your fertility signs are not always giving a fully clear and fully correlated picture. This may be due to special conditions, less than ideal charting habits, or your unique hormonal profile.

Fertility Friend analyzes thousands of charts each day, offering a unique perspective on interpretation methods and endless opportunities for ongoing refinements.

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