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Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)


What is the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)? Does Fertility Friend use FAM?

Any method of identifying the fertile and infertile time in the menstrual cycle by self observations is a kind of fertility awareness method. The term Fertility Awareness Method, or FAM, however, has come to be associated with the "three over six" way of identifying ovulation and the infertile/fertile time. This method, similarly described by both the World Health Organization and Professor John Marshall in the 1960s and geared largely for couples wishing to avoid pregnancy, identifies ovulation after three temperatures above the previous six temperatures have been observed and cervical fluid has dried up. A coverline is then drawn slightly above the highest of the six temperatures before the temperature rise. For more information about the history of FAM, see: A Brief History of Fertility Charting.

While we recommend the use of our more sophisticated default detector because it is able to identify a wider range of ovulation patterns, take more signs into account and is specifically geared towards achieving pregnancy, we offer an alternate detector in our tuning section for those who are experienced with and wish to use the FAM rules.

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