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Fertility Analyzer seems confused


Why is the Fertility Analyzer saying that I am fertile when I did not enter any fertile signs today?

Many signs of increased fertility can appear before you actually ovulate. The Fertility Analyzer knows, for example, that you can be fertile for a couple of days or more even after observing fertile cervical fluid, a fertile cervix position, or seeing fertile signs on commercial devices such as ovulation prediction kits, microscopes, etc.

Instead of just giving you a day by day reading of what each of your signs means, the Fertility Analyzer will tell you if you should consider yourself fertile today based on what you have entered for each sign in the last few days. For this reason, you may see that the Fertility Analyzer tells you that you may be fertile based on a particular sign even if you did not enter a fertile sign that day. The idea is to help you maximize your pregnancy prospects so that you do not stop considering yourself as potentially fertile too soon.

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