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Factors that influence cervical fluid


What factors influence cervical fluid?

Certain factors may influence the quality and quantity of cervical fluid that you produce and may impact the interpretation of your chart. Some factors may be a result of hormonal factors, while others may be related to lifestyle or medications. Special factors that may apply to a particular observation should be noted on the checklist or notes section of the data entry field in Fertility Friend so that you can recognize why a particular entry may seem unusual or different. You also have the option of displaying those days on your chart with a special square (rather than a circle) so that you can see with a quick glance those days where special circumstances may apply.

In most cases the effects are not great enough to seriously hamper your charting efforts or skew the analysis enough to dramatically alter your results. Nonetheless, the following factors may impact cervical fluid patterns and should be noted when possible:

If you notice anything that concerns you about your cervical fluid (like if it has an unpleasant odor or is causing you discomfort or itchiness or if you are bleeding or spotting when you do not expect to) call your healthcare provider.

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