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Checking cervical fluid


How do I check for cervical fluid?

Cervical fluid changes throughout your menstrual cycle, becoming more abundant, watery, slippery and stretchy as estrogen increases as you approach ovulation.

Most people find it convenient to check cervical fluid when they go to the bathroom, by observing the bathroom tissue when wiping.

Notice the wetness, stretchiness, color, consistency and texture of the fluid you feel and see on the tissue.

Record your observations as they best match one of the following, listed here by least to most fertile:

You can check your cervical fluid several times a day.

Always record the most fertile cervical fluid you see in a day.

When in doubt or if cervical fluid has properties of more than one category of fluid, record the more fertile type.

Ovulation most frequently occurs on or around the last day that fertile quality cervical fluid is observed.

For comprehensive information and detailed instructions about how to check for cervical fluid, please see All About Cervical Fluid in the Fertility Friend Charting Course.

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