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Charting vs Tracking/Journaling


So which comes first? Tracking or Charting?

We are often asked if we could add some options to this or that data field to make the tracking more accurate. This looks like a great idea at first glance. Would more details in tracking not be more accurate?

It depends!

What this boils down to is really the difference between tracking/journaling and fertility charting.

What is fertility charting?

You may think that charting is really just tracking fertility signs and other data and then trying to make sense of it all.

Truly accurate fertility charting is a tight integration of observation, tracking and interpretation systems. Basically, the tracking is not independent of the analysis. They are designed to complement each other.

If you are familiar with scientific experiments, it is basically how experimental designs are done. The measurement procedure is tailored to the analysis system to maximize accuracy.

In the case of fertility charting, the data collected is specifically designed for an accurate interpretation. Adding more details or changing what is collected does not necessarily make it more accurate. In fact in many cases it is right the opposite.

Fertility Friend's Charting System

Fertility Friend's tracking is designed to maximize the accuracy of the interpretation. Since 1998, Fertility Friend has been honing its system to provide the most accurate fertility charting. Fertility Friend has analyzed millions of charts with extremely diverse situations. This is a very solid basis which you benefit from when using Fertility Friend's charting system.

That said, Fertility Friend also offers a very flexible tracking system devised to integrate with Fertility Friend's interpretation system without compromising its accuracy.

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