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Charting before your first post-partum period


If you just had your baby (Congratulations!) you may be wondering about resuming fertility charting to catch that very first ovulation.

A fertility chart, not just a graph

Before going into the details of what we recommend, we need to step back and go over the role of fertility chart.

A fertility chart is not just graph. It is actually a tool that helps you relate your observations to your hormonal profile. As such, it needs to be anchored by a period to precisely sync the graph with your hormones.

Starting your fertility chart on your period allows you to clearly interpret your observations with the corresponding cycle phase.

Post-Partum Fertility

Right after birth, depending on your circumstances (breastfeeding...) your period may not return right away and even if it returns fast you may be wondering what to do before it does.

During this time you cannot reliably determine your fertility status based on your observations. You could be fertile if your first ovulation is just occurring or you can be months away from your first ovulation.

Charting or Tracking that first ovulation

In general, we do not recommend to use a fertility chart before your periods resume. As explained above, without your period, you cannot really sync your observations with your hormonal profile.

That said, what can you do if you still want to monitor your fertility signs in the hope to catch that first ovulation?

First, in order for Fertility Friend to start a chart without a period, you can start a chart manually ("Charts Management" includes a "start new chart" feature). This will allow you to start displaying your data. Please note that you can't rely on the automatic analysis provided from Fertility Friend as it assumes that your cycle starts on a period.

During this phase we do not recommend to take your BBT as it can lead to confusion and may not give you a clear picture.

You can record your cervical fluid data and look for the return of your fertility. Please note that before your first period you are likely to observe several episodes of fertile fluid before you ovulate.

Based on that information, you may be able to find your potentially fertile phase. You will not know for sure until you get your next period though.

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