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BD? What does this mean?

BD? Why did you use this silly abbreviation?

BD literally stands for Baby Dance. It is meant to designate baby making focused intercourse and by extension any type of insemination.

Was Fertility Friend afraid to use terms such as "Sex" or "Intercourse"?

Certainly not! If you spend any time reading our documentation and our educational material you will realize that Fertility Friend uses the proper term when necessary.

Why mention BD then?

It is a tongue-in-cheek term that relates to the origin of Fertility Friend. Fertility Friend was started in 1996 and sold its first online membership in 1998.

Fertility Friend was the first charting service proposed online. At this time numerous online forums had "profanity" filters which prohibited most terms related to sex and sexuality as well as most terms then judged inappropriate words. Some people (not us) coined the BD term at this time. People also felt that their baby making journey had to stay more private and using the acronym provided some additional privacy.

Things have changed since this time and now the Internet is certainly more open although there are still some stigma discussing infertility in some circles.The community is also facing more privacy issues with social media and some data centered business models than we encountered then.

We at Fertility Friend wishes to remember this phenomenal journey from our early online charting to our current mobile charting. In particular we wish to remember the focus on privacy and respect that has guided our development and service since the beginning.

Using the term Intercourse or Sex is actually too restrictive and does not correspond to all the situations lived by our members. On the data entry form and when we refer to it in our documentation we prefer the more generic term of Insemination.

We used to display a BD line on the chart itself. We replaced it by "I" for Insemination/Intercourse which embodies more the varied experiences of our members.

This is also why we avoid using icons or other pictograms on the chart.

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