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BBT and Travel


How can I take my basal body temperature (BBT) when I am traveling?

If you travel within your own time zone, just keep on taking your temperature at the same time. You may notice a slight fluctuation if the climate or room temperature is warmer or colder but this should not have a huge impact on your chart. Make a note in the notes section that you were traveling so you can explain unusual temperature patterns.

If you are traveling to a different time zone, the disturbance is usually only limited to the day of travel and the day after. Keep taking your temperature as before, using the same time in the local time. We recommend against adjusting any temperatures, but again, make a note of the circumstances. Unless you are traveling right around the time of ovulation, you should still be able to discern your pattern and detect ovulation. When your BBT is less reliable because of such a special circumstance, pay extra close attention to your other fertility signs to avoid missing a potential fertile opportunity.

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