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Advanced Analysis Tools


Fertility Friend provides access to a large set of data analysis and data exploration tools to discover your fertility patterns and understand your cycle throughout your trying to conceive journey.

Current Interpretation

Fertility Analyzer
This tool displays your fertility status as a simple traffic light.

Detailed Interpretation
The Detailed Interpretation provides you with a sign by sign analysis as well as recommendations on your data accuracy and interpretation.

Pregnancy Monitor
The Pregnancy Monitor scans your data for early pregnancy signs. It also determines a reasonable test date based on your cycle interpretation.

Timing Analyzer
The Intercourse Timing Analyzer evaluates your recorded intercourse data to find out if it could lead to pregnancy with the highest probability.

OPK Optimizer
The OPK Optimizer helps you find out when to start using your Ovulation Predictor Kit tests given your specific cycle characteristics.

Data Log
The Data Log displays your data in tabular format. You can search your notes and look at your past data in textual format.


Chart Overlay
Superimpose your charts to find your temperature patterns. You can pin your charts differently to visualize follicular or luteal patterns.

Charts Like Mine
You can search the hundreds of thousands of charts submitted by other users to find charts like yours and see stats about them.

Trigger Analysis
This tool lets you view the probability of a data point you recorded (symptom) occurring after another piece of data you recorded (trigger). You can do this analysis over a specific date range.

Signs Analyzer
The Signs Analyzer lets you see the probability of a sign occurring with respect to your menstrual cycle phase (period, ovulation and luteal phase).

Temperature Ribbon
The Temperature Ribbon lets you look at your temperature data as a long ribbon with markers for periods and ovulation dates. It helps to see the repeated patterns on a larger scale.

Statistics & Predictions

Chart Thumbnails
Looking at your chart in a thumbnail format helps you to see your data at a glance with the capability to zoom on a specific chart.

Cycle Statistics
You can see your cycles basic stats (Averages, min, max...) and it gives you the ability to customize the list of cycles taken into account for your predictions.

Stats Graphs
The Stats Graphs help you to visualize your cycle stats.

Cycle & Due Date Planner
The Cycle Planner displays predictions for the next few months. Tap on a prediction to see the associated due date of you conceived that cycle.

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